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Doing great things is not a question of age but of the mind. The mind of a child is full of rich potential for doing great things.

Why wait until they’re 30 to nurture leadership skills when the fertile ground for greatness lies within the minds of our young ones? By investing in the development of secondary students, both within and outside the care system, we’re sowing the seeds for a future generation of responsible citizens and adept problem-solvers.

Our leadership training initiatives go beyond academic excellence; they equip teenagers with the skills and mindset necessary for navigating their way in life with confidence and competence. Here are two essential benefits of empowering teenagers with leadership competencies:

1. Career Development

One of our students, Chike, was uninterested in school as he wanted to become a painter. However, after we helped him understand the science behind paint-making and the art of painting, he became more motivated. He realised that painting required skill and professionalism, and that those who got painting contracts for large structures like edifices were professionals. Leadership training helps students recognise their potential and how to develop them to become relevant to their world.

2. Empowerment for Successful Living

Leadership training prepares students for successful living by helping them recognise and grow in their leadership competencies. Inferiority concerns are effectively addressed, and with their minds set on progressive transformation and sustainable development, they are able to make the right choices that position them for successful living.

As we empower these young ones, it gives us great pleasure to see them fired up to be the best they can be

Are you passionate about empowering the next generation of leaders? Join us in our mission to nurture leadership excellence among Nigerian teenagers. Visit to learn more about how you can get involved and make a difference today.

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