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The debate round of the Wits & Words Public Speaking Grand Finale, organised by Build Greenies Learning Hub and The Speech Squad, had all of us at the edge of our seats. The eight schools that represented were the best of the 20 that participated in our training and tournament.

Like other students present, Emmanuel Ike, a student of Community High School, Adamasingba was prepared to give his best. He had devoted months to researching his topic: “The National Policy on Professional Counselling in Schools: Effective or Ineffective?” He was prepared to justify the effectiveness. However, the debate took a not-so-great turn for him as his school did not proceed to the next round. Disappointment hung thick around Emmanuel, so much that he didn’t care to smile.

Despite a rollercoaster of emotions, the twists and turns of Wits & Words brightened up Emmanuel’s face. The clouds gave way to the beaming shine of renewed hope. The competition was fierce, but his passion for excellent debate delivery was almost unmatched! At the end of the final round, Emmanuel was announced the second runner-up for overall best speakers at the Wits & Words Grand Finale. His hard work paid off!

This unexpected victory brought glory to his school and screams of delight to his friends and colleagues.

The Wits & Words Public Speaking Grand Finale created a rich environment where every student’s story, whether triumphant or challenging, adds to the rich tapestry of the public speaking community. With the goal of raising relevant contributors to national development, BGLH and TSS public speaking training, tournaments and grand finale fostered the intellectual development of over 200 public secondary school students in Oyo state.

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