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During the Teacher’s Training, I realised that learning is a continuous process and no man is an island of it. It was an eye opener to some effective teaching and learning practices. After the training, my colleagues and I continued conversation on the things we learnt.

Mr Asimiya Head of Department Community High School Adamasingba

The practical aspect of the training stood out to me. Giving examples, citing experiences, and ensuring that these sessions were simplified.

Mrs Azeez Humani Alaga High School, Ibadan.

The teachers’ training was very effective and relevant. What stood out to me was how to apply the student-centred method of teaching in my classroom. I would recommend the training to other teachers.

Mrs Wahab Community High School, Adamasingba.

I was elated and grateful for the seminar on the best teaching approaches for effective learning. I found it very helpful. It was a strong reminder to step up in the teaching "game" and do things right; like starting lessons from the known to the unknown to carry the students along well. I would happily recommend the training.

Yekeen Abdullahi Humani Alaga High School.

It was a very good seminar, I enjoyed it. It was impressive. I learnt how to be an effective teacher: making students interested, drawing their attention by using real life situations to explain and linking things up to make the subjects less abstract and very real!

Mr Adekunle Paul Ikolaba Grammar School

Very impactful, more light was shed on teaching effectively and the "how". It was greatly improving. I was greatly enlightened and improved. I learnt that centre-point of teaching should be in grabbing the students' attention, making the topic very real to them. That is, they will learn faster since it will be a student-based learning. This training is highly recommendable.

Balogun Bukola Immanuel Grammar School

I got to see from a better angle of the teaching practice I have gotten so familiar with. It was a reawakening. Learning shouldn't be structured rigidly. Students must be engaged in mind and their attention grabbed using creative and realistic teaching methods and aids. I totally recommend this training to teachers in every Nigerian secondary school. In fact, I recommend a close partnership with the government so that this training will occur more regularly as a mandatory requirement for teachers.”

Oludare T.O. Emmanuel College

My classroom engagement has improved since I began to apply some of the practical insights I got from the teachers’ training. “Yes, I learnt about the learner-centred approach to teaching, and how to make sure students understand with examples from their environment.

Mrs Ariyehun Ikolaba Grammar School

Since applying the things I learnt from the teacher’s training, I have seen significant improvements in my students’ learning. One of the things that stood out to me was my responsibility to facilitate an engaging lesson by using relatable example. For example, in my Biology class, I point my students to instances in their environment. When I was teaching on erosion, I use the example of the many puddles and potholes they encountered on their way to school, as it was raining season.

Mrs Alawode, E.F. Humani Alaga High School

I found the training useful and insightful. I have started implementing certain aspects of it. For example, I asked those that don’t have textbooks to look through the window, or come outside the classroom, and then, I made them practice relative and demonstrative pronouns through tangible things outside. It was more of an individualized teaching, and it was more effective than my previous teaching method. The training rejuvenated me because it’s been a long time since I attended a seminar. It’s a new orientation and I was introduced to new ways of teaching. More teachers should be involved in such trainings as this.

Mrs Ori Community High School, Adamasingba

As a leader, I have learnt that I should have a good sense of judgement. I should not be partial in my judgement. I should be an agent of change and a person of influence. I should be someone who inspires passion and motivation in others.

Bello Abadina College, UI

As a person, I have learnt to share other people’s feelings, and I used to be unable to do so because I have my problems which are still unsolved. I have learnt to give persistent persuasion. I must have the foresight and learn to be bold. I must also answer people’s questions and not consider them foolish.

Enioluwafe Elizabeth Abadina College, UI

I learnt to be a good leader, one that inspires passion and motivation in others. I learnt the need to listen to people and not to talk to them shabbily.

Precious Fortune Unuamumeh St. Gabriel Secondary Commercial School

I learnt from the seminar that as a leader, I must work towards building a strong community, bringing people together to form a group with a common goal to achieve, a group with vision and hope.

Adefisan Samuel Chesire High School

I learnt that a good leader is a good follower, and a good follower is a good leader. A good leader serves others and doesn’t assume total control of the followers. I must have the foresight and be polite to people.

Adekola Tolulope Sunday

I learnt not to disrespect my fellow students and understand and solve their feelings. I learnt to be a good follower because a good follower is a good leader. A leader is a person who shows empathy to the community, and I am an example of a good leader.

Hammed Anjola Samson Anglican Commercial Grammar School Junior

I have learnt to be a good leader because good leadership is a good servant. A leader is a follower, and a follower is a leader. As a good leader, I must have empathy, which means the ability to understand and share feelings with another person. I am an example of a good servant leader who leads with love and humility.

Afeez Fathia

I learnt in this seminar about leadership and becoming a good leader. I must have good time management. I learn that I must have good communication skills. I learnt that a good leader must empathise with their followers and be a good listener.

Oyesunle Yetunde Jericho High School

I learnt that a good leader is a good follower, and a good follower is a good leader. I also learnt that I have the potential to lead, and so I paid attention to how to unleash it. Secondly, I learnt that we should all have listening skills. I also learnt that we should learn from our mistakes so that they won’t affect us at any cost in the future. Thirdly, I learnt that my future begins now. I learnt that we should be confident and bold. I also learnt that a leader plan to make a change, and I have the power to make a change. I choose to be a person of great influence for good.

Ekpe Amarachukwu Eucharia

As an assistant Head Girl, I have learnt that I should listen to people and their opinion. I should have empathy and not be a tyrant leader. I received the foresight to learn from past mistakes and make them a lesson. I learnt to lead with love and creativity. I am a leader of influence who do things that help my community grow and not crumble.

Peace Chizaram Nwaozor Community Secondary School

As Senior Girl, I learnt that I should be a good leader; and a good leader is a good follower while a good follower is a good leader. I also learnt that I should express empathy. A god leader is someone who inspires passion and motivation in others.

Soliat Jokunola

Today, I learnt about leadership. I learnt that a good leader is a servant leader. I also learnt about empathy. Now, I am eager to show concern for other people’s problems and help them. I also learnt that a good leader is a good follower, and a good follower is a good leader.

Halima Ahmed Community High School.

What stood out to me the most was that as a leader, I don’t need to take advantage of my junior ones. I also learnt that to be a good leader; I must serve others. I learnt that I am not a leader of tomorrow but rather a leader of today.

Ikeh Emmanuel

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