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At the Speech Squad, we extend opportunities for self-development and transformation to students and young professionals.

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About Us

We are an Educational Consulting firm focused on equipping students and professionals with necessary skills for their development. Our core goals are targeted at effective communication, leadership and career development.

How we impact lives

Our trainings have prepared our students for Community development, as we help them to gain awareness on societal issues, and keen curiosity on how they can play their part within their immediate communities.


To build an empowered community of young people who will blaze the trail in their endeavours through access to the right information that will help them gain the right perspectives and inspire right action.


To help students and professionals discover & develop their potentials, and live effective lives by equipping them with relevant life skills with the full aim of making them solution providers in the society.


Set on a mission to help young people and professionals become effective communicators and solution providers, we provide excellent trainings in a conducive environment, through effective leaning methods.

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As a parent, and as a mother for me, I have been informed on how to guide my children, or any child around me. I can always guide the children better. I can answer questions on how to make decisions.


I have a PhD in clinical psychology and I have gone through the career course. What you guys did was a great one, especially how you were able to bring in experienced people that have also made it in their chosen profession. I have never heard of a career talk that went that way as it was more personal and very impressive.

Dr CHUKWUMA- Polytechnic High School Polytechnic High School

It was a nice symposium. I believe it has helped students to know how to choose a career and the processes involved in achieving their goals. From the theme, I already knew what to expect and these expectations were truly met. The quality of presentation and the fact that well experienced speakers were brought was a great experience. It was a top-notch program I must say.

MR AKINTOKUN Humani Alaga High School

Prior to the career fair, I had not taken the students out for a while, so I did not know what to expect till I got there, and I saw that there is a lot for the students to learn. The programme enabled the students to be sure of themselves, and also expanded their intellect. The programme brought out the virtue in them, for example, Isaac had been nursing the idea of Robotics since he was in JSS3 (in fact, when we got to his school, other teachers attested to that fact). However, that environment enabled and encouraged him to express himself. In fact, for children that come from a poor family, their hope is renewed. After that kind of career fair, they won’t think it’s the end of the world.


I have the right career choice knowledge.I am on a mission to change the world. The goal of education is to transform society. You’re will never get your billions by corruption. The seed of your success is planted within me.

Adebusola. With love

Fulfillment is in happiness that is shared. When you stop learning is when you are dead. Firstborns are pathfinders. Experience is not a one time thing. You are trained to be reachable. Jack of all trades, master of none but is better than a master of one. No knowledge gained is ever wasted. Family pressure should not determine your choice of career. Think beyond your mindset.

Ukoje Tovia, M.G.S.B

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